Know your options

Don't make uninformed decisions. Know your options and make the right decisions.

One of your divorce real estate specialists job is to inform you of all your options regarding the house during a divorce.

Good decisons are informed decisons.


There are 2 options regarding the house during a divorce. You can either keep the house or sell the house. Each decision has it's pros and cons. Being informed in detail about these options will help you make the right decision.


Keeping the house -  you can keep the house if you are aware of the risks and are comfortable with those risks.


Sell the house - about 50% of all divorces result in selling the house. 


Navigating your options

Your real estate divorce specialist will ask you what your goals are regarding the house. While most want to keep the house, sometimes this can and will create a financial hardship. Before keeping the house make sure you know the risks and accept those risks. If you are not comfortable with the risks, it is recommended you sell the house, to avoid financial hardships.

A real estate divorce specialist helps preserve homeownership and the credit of both parties.

Don't wait to get your real estate divorce specialist involved. Mediation requires informed and voluntary settlements. But if you are missing most house-related documents, your lack of information will likely result in uninformed decision making.

An RCS-D™ divorce specialist can hep you MORE before mediation and LESS after mediation.