Buying a House

Finding and working with your agent

A real estate divorce specialist can help more before mediation.

While any agent can sell a house, only a divorce specialist know how to present you with all your options, regarding the house, during a divorce.


What to look for in an agent

An agent that has been designated as an RCS-D™, Real Estate Collaboration Spcialist in Divorce has gone above and beyond the basic real estate agent training to help divorcing couples make the right decisions regarding the house.


RCS-D™ - Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce.

Your real estate divorce specialist should:


Have an initial consultation where you identify your goal reading the house. This is where you advise your desire to either keep or sell the house. Your specialist will take this information and prepare a detailed report.


Your specialist should then present you with all your options and risks regarding keeping or selling the marital house. This report will include everything you need to make an informed decision.


Your specialist should be willing to collaborate with your divorce attorney. This will help to make everything run smoother. 


Have a team of professionals to assist with mortgage, title, insurance, and inspection tasks. 


Help protect your post-divorce credit score and your future ability to buy a new home.